MIKE Wilde says he and assistant Danny Harrison have had a terrific response since they were confirmed as Colwyn Bay’s new management team.

“We’ve had so many nice messages over the last three or four days,” Mike said.

“We’re made up to be part of such a big club but it’s been very hectic.”

The management team are holding talks with members of the current squad and potential new recruits before they finalise the pre-season schedule ahead of the new season, which begins in late July.

Mike said:

“We know what we have to do right away and that’s touch base with the players and anybody in and around the club and start looking from within first and then we start structuring what the pre-season looks like.

“Everybody knows it’s quite a tight time schedule in regards to pre-season and the league starts pretty sharpish.

“We know we’re under a little bit of time constraints but that’s not going to rush us into any kind of major decisions and I think we’ll just take our time because we’ve got our ideas.

“Sometimes rebuilding programme takes that time as well but what we want to make sure that we do is that we have a squad that makes the fans really proud.

“This is not a normal Welsh football club, this is one that’s got a massive fanbase and that’s something that’s really embedded throughout the club and the community.”

On whether he will continue with his playing career, Mike said it was “one that we would play by ear.”

Danny said:

“It’s been a fast turnaround. The talks were quite swift and sharp and once we knew there was a level of interest we got around a table really fast and got it done what seemed an age ago but is probably only a couple of days ago.

“Both of us were looking for something similar. We’ve been friends for a number of years and we spoke about maybe a project that involved both of us.

“Timing is everything in football and we felt it was an opportunity too good to turn down once we’d spoken to everyone.

“We already knew from afar what the club is and what it means to the fans and the community and it’s something that really excited us both.”