COLWYN BAY boss  Craig Hogg has been reflecting on the decision to cancel the 2020/21 JD Cymru North season due to the pandemic.

 “I’m thankful now that we’ve got closure because I think now that will help us all with the process of putting what has been the last 8-10 months to bed,” Craig said.

“On the football side we are disappointed we didn’t get going. We had been hanging on and clinging for hope for the best part of eight months.

“But when the final schedule of games was tabled to us it really struck a chord with me in terms of ‘do the ends justify the means here?’

“I really felt it was a massive ask for players who have been inactive for so long and who aren’t elite athletes but are part time footballers, to go and play 15 games in nine weeks. In the first nine days we’d have had four games.

“For me it was really, really risky for the players and I wasn’t comfortable with it at all.

“We can begin now to look forward to getting back in and training ahead of the next campaign.

“We’re just waiting for a Government decision now as to when we can train as a group together because the players just need to get out and kick a football again more than anything.

“In terms of planning for next season, once the Government have made certain decisions I think that will expedite and bring forward our planning more to the forefront of how we want to do it.”

 A full interview with Craig will be published on the website during the next few days.