Faw Fairplay

The Nationwide Building Society FAW Fair Play Week takes place from 7th to 16th April across all FAW National Leagues with players wearing shirt patches and displaying pennants with campaign messaging. 

The Fair Play Week is an initiative run by the FAW to promote the message of Fair Play throughout Welsh football. 

The Fair Play initiative is in partnership with the Nationwide Building Society, who are making a stand for a better society. The aim is to reinforce the importance of mutual respect on and off the pitch, encouraging a reduction in on-field misconduct and promoting the FAW Fair Play Code.  

The Fair Play Week has an aim to inspire players, clubs and supporters to take an active role in promoting this message for the benefit of football at every level in Wales, as we all have a collective responsibility for the image of the game. 

A spokesperson for Nationwide Building Society said: “Fostering greater mutual respect becomes more important than ever.  Supporting The FA of Wales on this campaign is truly exciting – by promoting the message of mutual respect in a meaningful and major way we hope we can play our part in encouraging a greater sense of community.” 

Margaret Barnett, the FAW’s Disciplinary Manager, said: “The FAW Fair Play Week is a great way of promoting the Fair Play message and to remind everyone involved in football, whether that is the players, match officials, coaches or supporters, the importance of being respectful to one another.   

 “Players across the country will display Fair Play patches on their playing kit and will have pennants to mark the day by reminding everyone within football the fundamental principles of fair play for all levels of the game.”