We have received feedback from the FAW regarding our Academy Accreditation for the 23/24 and 24/25 Season.

As we were already aware, we have been awarded FAW Academy Accreditation in which that guarantees the football club to run Academy provisions for two years, then the process for application starts again.

It is with regret that we inform you that we were unsuccessful in our appeal of Category (CAT) B Academy and have been remained as a Category C Academy.

With this Category C ruling, we are only able to host training and games for the age groups for the 23/24 season at:

Under 12
Under 14
Under 16
Under 19

Unfortunately, and with a heavy heart, we are unable, as ruling from the FAW, to provide any training or playing arrangements for any other age group that is not listed above.

As part of our appeal package, we approached the FAW to offer further training and games for the teams that was not mentioned in our Academy Application feedback, due to the Academy wanting to provide for all of our current age groups, to which the FAW have not granted us permission to do so.

We are sure that there are multiple questions to which you as parents have following these decisions, below is a list of FAQ in which we aimed to answer for clarification on a few points.


How long does that decision last for?

The FAW Academy Accreditation is a dual year decision. Meaning we have been granted FAW Academy Accreditation for two years at CAT C level. The only Academy in the County to achieve Academy Accreditation.

Why did only the 12/14/16/19s get picked and no one else?

The FAW selected these teams to best create and assist their own internal Games Programme in which we have no control over.
The FAW also thought it best to offer duel banded age groups to players who are showing an aptitude to football. For example, a current U13, an opportunity to play as a U14 for the upcoming season in an Academy environment.

The u19 is a statutory requirement for all Academies to have as an age group playing in the FAW Academy system.

We, as a club, were not given a consultation or conversation around what age groups we would like to enter as our Academy representative teams from our original Academy application decision.

As part of our appeal package, we offered to run training for our age groups who Colwyn Bay FC unfortunately had not been granted permission to run, however this was declined and we were explicably told no other age groups, in any form, can engage in training or matches underneath the Colwyn Bay FC Academy banner.

Why no u8-u11, U13 or U15 at all?

We appealed towards the FAW to allow Colwyn Bay FC Academy to run age groups U11-8 on a training programme, similar to now, and then offer friendlies against other Academies, the same as we offered the FAW for our U13 and U15 teams, in which informal agreements with other academies was already in place, to which the FAW refused for any other age groups, except the ones state in our Category C accreditation approval, to be ran in any form at all.

What did the club fail on?

In short, the club received around 8 points of action, out of an approximate 120-point accreditation application, to which the Academy applied for CAT B Accreditation.
7 of these points we had real, mitigating evidence for and as to why they had not been delivered and fulfilled, which, we believed would be enough that the club be granted CAT B status which were presented as part of our appeal process.

When we first received communication back from our original application, there was no detail as to what the process entailed, or guidance as to what we can look for to assist with our application and ready for our appeal, and since receiving feedback from our appeal, this has also not been given, just the verdict from a neutral FAW appeals board.

As part of the process in applying for CAT B status and being offered CAT C accreditation, there was audits taking place throughout the 22/23 season in which auditors attended training sessions. The last audit we received ‘a flying colours’ recognition from the external auditors and clear signs of progression through the season.
We also have to provide the FAW with paperwork throughout the season which has seen a big internal restructure, to again, we have received positive news regarding this.

What the 23/24 season looks like?

Designated club officials have been holding talks and discussions with the FAW as to how this looks for the following year, 23/24 season, when it comes to player promotion and development internally.

The FAW have replied assuring that more age groups will again be added to fill the gaps in the 23/24 season, meaning, for example, the u14s for the season coming, 23/24, will be pushed up to U15s as a natural progression, providing we hit internal and external benchmarks, such as games completion for example.
With this, we will then be ready to offer more age groups for the 24/25 season, as we grow ready for our re-application for the 25/26 seasons in which we will again reapply for CAT B Academy status.

Competitive games programme.

As CAT C, all of the age groups mentioned, u12/14/16/19 have been entered into the competitive FAW games programme, exactly the same as it has been running. However, there are talks of updating and offering more to the Games Programme as to which I do not have the full details or confirmation, but this is a conversation to be had at a later date.

Training and pre-season.

We are still awaiting confirmation off the FAW, in regards to when the season starts and how that looks for all FAW Academies for the 23/24 season. Again, all communications will be sent out to all age groups at a later date.


Colwyn Bay FC would like to thank all parents, guardians, players and staff throughout this 22/23 season in which we wish you all the best moving forwards in whatever avenue you take in your next footballing journey, we like to wish you the best of luck and thank you for your commitment to the Academy and the football club.

Colwyn Bay FC