COLWYN BAY’s new digital partnership with ClubCore will be up and running soon and here the Welsh company’s co-founder, Eifion Weinzweig, takes part in a Question and Answer session to explain the benefits to the club and its supporters.

Why did you set-up ClubCore?

As an ex-elite cyclist, I am passionate about all sports and an avid fan. 

 ClubCore was created by sports fans to support and help the sports organisations we love survive, grow and flourish.

We have created a digital platform that can help every football club and all types of sports organisations boost revenues and really engage with and support fans.

What does ClubCore do?

We are leading a digital revolution for sports clubs.

ClubCore is a complete online platform and application that:

1: allows clubs to instantly engage and communicate with fans far more easily and effectively than ever before.

 2: provides a complete CRM solution, allowing clubs 100% control over highly valuable and powerful fan data, insights and analytics.

3: offers fans exclusive Sports Offers and discounts from leading brands.

4:  provides a comprehensive e-commerce platform so fans can buy club merchandise and tickets instantly.

5: provides a comprehensive premium club video channel.

6: provides unique gamification, rewards and exclusive ways to significantly boost fan engagement.

7: offers significant new sponsorship and revenue opportunities

 Clubs can now manage fan databases, communicate with the right fans at the right time and share videos, sponsor information and other key club updates. Fans can access the ClubCore online platform wherever and whenever they want, from any device.

Why Colwyn Bay?

We work with many clubs around Europe, but we are a Welsh company and I am a proud Welshman so working with clubs in Wales is vital for us.

 I chose Colwyn Bay because I have grown up seeing their results over the years so knew of the club. I felt it was very important as a Welsh company having a North Wales based club as part of our portfolio.

 We understand the history and passion that sports provide to the Colwyn Bay area and it is one of the main reasons why we chose the club. It is going to be an exciting journey with them.

What problem do you solve?

 Until now digital platforms have been expensive, difficult to implement and time consuming to run.

 ClubCore’s is the simple, seamless, high quality and cost-effective way to transform a club’s presence online. By doing digital right, clubs can open up very important new revenue streams and really engage and support fans.

 ClubCore is any club’s digital future.

How can football clubs and sports organisations benefit from ClubCore?

ClubCore enables clubs to create significant new revenue streams by engaging highly effectively with fans.

 Here are just some ways clubs can benefit from providing our comprehensive digital platform:

1: Clubs can develop new online sponsorship opportunities – with commercial partners able to access an engaged and highly targeted online audience.

2: Clubs can provide targeted e-mail, SMS and instant messaging campaigns for new sponsors and advertisers.

3: Clubs can offer exclusive Sports Offers for supporters – fans get the best deals and clubs get a revenue share on every sale.

4: Clubs get a market leading e-commerce platform to boost sales of their own products, merchandise, tickets and more.

 5: Clubs have complete control over their own CRM, fan data, user history, buying preferences and more. This means clubs and sports organisations can maximise fan engagement, e-commerce and sponsorship revenues in an intelligent, targeted and highly effective way. 

6: Clubs can grow their online audience and database through attractive features fans love, like premium videos, must see club news and views and unique gamification. The larger the online audience, the larger the revenue and growth opportunities are.  

 ClubCore also helps clubs save costs by providing a very easy to set-up, use and run digital platform.

 In summary, ClubCore helps clubs make more money and save money.

Re E-commerce: what happen when sport fans decide to buy products via your e-commerce platform? how does it work?

  The good news is the ClubCore service makes it much easier for fans to buy club merchandise as well as accessing great bargains – with exclusive Sports Offers and flash sales on leading brands.

 Fans can access the ClubCore platform from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

 They get to browse a comprehensive official online store for their club – and can buy whatever they want, whenever they want.

 They can also automatically see special offers on big name sports brands – with new offers and sales released every week.

 Fans also get alerted to the latest offers, sales and deals available from their club via ClubCore’s instant messaging service, so they never miss on the best bargains.

 Even better – we are releasing new e-commerce features soon that allow fans to earn rewards and extra discounts for using the ClubCore platform.

 Fans benefit from getting the best prices and the best deals. The clubs benefit from generating more online sales and a share of the new revenues from exclusive Sports Offers. A win-win for any club.

Where do you see Colwyn Bay fitting into this digital plan?

 Colwyn Bay will be one of the clubs that we work with that will have access to the new feature we develop before the rest of the market. We will be showcasing the developments with Colwyn Bay across our network and helping bring new sponsors and commercial deals to the table.

 The most important factor for us though, is that we want the Colwyn Bay fans and the community to feel even more connected and reap the benefits from the club they already love.